Jasper de Winkel

Jasper de Winkel

Embedded Engineer and Researcher

Delft University of Technology


Results‑focused engineer and researcher with 5+ years of both embedded software and hardware development experience, specializing in low‑power operation and networking. I am passionate about exploring novel ideas, connecting software and hardware into groundbreaking products. My work has received international media attention and is incorporated into products that are sold to this day.

Recently, I succesfully defended my PhD dissertation “Towards Deployable Battery-Free Networked Systems”, supervised by dr. P. Pawełczak and prof. dr. K.G. Langendoen at the Embedded Systems group at the Delft University of Technology.

My PhD research focused on turning the Internet of Things (IoT) battery‑free and solely powered by harvested energy, as batteries are a pollutant to the environment and have a limited lifespan. Through novel hardware architectures and software methods, my research pushed the boundaries of battery‑free systems and explored ultra‑low power networking, timekeeping, debugging and interactive devices. Enabling many connected and interactive battery‑free IoT applications solely powered by ambient energy.


  • Embedded Systems
  • Wireless Networking
  • Batteryless Systems
  • Energy Harvesting


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

    Delft University of Technology

  • MSc in Embedded Systems

    Delft University of Technology

  • BSc in Embedded Systems Engineering

    HAN University of Applied Sciences

Recent Publications